Ladies’ Leagues & Tournaments

Ladies Important Dates 2023:

Every Tuesday – Ladies Morning Golf (930 Start)

Every Thursday – Ladies Skins (2:00 – 230 Start)


2nd – First Day of Social League/ Welcome Night


3rd – Ladies Classic

17-18 – GPGCC Club Championship

22nd – Super Thursday Skins ($20 Entry)

24th – Couples Classic

26th – Interclub vs. Dunes @ Dunes


10 – AB Junior McLennan Ross Open

15 – Ladies Open

27 – Interclub vs. Dunes @ GPGCC

24-25 – (Junior Boys & Girls) Open


27th – Interclub vs. Dunes @ Dunes

29th – Last Day of Ladies Social League

31st – Super Thursday Skins ($20 Entry)


12th – Ladies Social League Banquet

19th – Ladies Morning wind up/ FOLEY CUP

21nd – Super Thursday Skins ($20 Entry)

2023 Ladies Social League

Registration Beginning Tuesday, February 28th at 1:00 p.m. 


Begins Tuesday, February 28 at 1:00 p.m. – through email ( or phone 780-532-0340


Begins Thursday, March 9th at 1:00 p.m. through email ( or phone 780-532-0340. New teams must be paid in full within four days of registering to secure their tee time.


The first night of golf will be May 2nd, course conditions permitting, and the last day of golf will be August 29th, (18 weeks), option to play on September 6th. We are planning to host an end of season banquet September 12th with the evening starting at 6:00pm.  Teams will be awarded points based on number of golfers checked in each week of golf.  Tee time allocation for the 2024 season will be based on attendance of this season.  To keep costs of the league down, we will not be awarding team prizes for best attendance.

Tee times begin at 4:20 PM and are every 9 minutes off both the 1st and 10th tee.  Teams will have the same tee time every week and will alternate which nine they play every week.  The Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club will do everything possible to accommodate all returning teams with their preferred tee time to the best of our ability. Priority will be given to teams who had the best attendance in the 2022 season.


We require all teams to pay for the full season up front. Pay up front method has made the golf course more efficient and the feedback we received has been extremely positive. This change has allowed us to run the league safely and efficiently. Your tee time is paid in full for 18 straight weeks.

The cost per team will be $2,440 + GST.  The fee breakdown is $535 per player for green fees and $75 per player for league fees.  With 18 weeks scheduled for golf, the cost per 9 holes of golf is $29.16.  There will not be refunds or make up nights for weather interruptions.

Teams can prepay for golf carts for the season.  $660 will include carts for the full team for the entire 2022 Social League season.  Teams can also purchase individual seats for $165 per player. Nine hole power car regular rate is $29.50 per rental.

Teams with more than four players can pay an additional $75 per player for an additional league fees, includes wind up dinner, prizes and other incidentals.

Members will not be required to pay the green fee portion of the registration.  For every member you have on a team of four, your team fee will be reduced by 25%.  A team of five will have their team fee reduced by 20% for every member.

Team payments will need to be made as a single payment.

Registration for Returning Teams

Registration and allocation of tee times will begin February 28th at 1 p.m. starting with returning teams that had the best attendance in 2022.   The teams with the best attendance, will have the first opportunity to pick their tee time.  The team captain will also be required to send in a registration email.  The registration email must have the registration sheet attached, or all relevant information in the body of the registration email.  Payment must be made at the time of registration or shortly there after.  Failure to pay in full by March 8th will result in forfeiting the tee time.

Registration for New Teams

Begins Thursday, March 9th at 1:00 p.m. through email ( or phone 780-532-0340. New teams must be paid in full within four days of registering to secure their tee time.

Dates to Remember

May 2: League Play Begins

Aug. 29: Last Day of League Play

Sept. 6: Optional Play

Sept. 12: End of Season Banquet


  1. Teams must field 4 players per week in order to receive full attendance points. Teams with poor attendance may have their tee time moved in order to accommodate other teams.
  2. Expected pace of play is 2 hours and 20 minutes for nine holes. Please keep up to the group in front of you.
  3. Scheduled league nights will not be cancelled due to weather. Teams can still get full points by coming to the course for a beverage and checking in with the golf shop.
  4. Please check in at least 10 minutes prior to your tee time.
  5. Teams arriving late for their tee time may be bumped to the next open tee time or possibly forfeit their tee time.
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