Ladies League


The league has teams of two. Teams are always organized so that the total indexes of team members is roughly the same across teams. This is important to know because we use gross scrores to ddetermine wins, not net scores. Points are awarded for wins, ties and losses. The team with the most points wins at the end of the season.
If you have an index of 25 or less, why not give Ladies Match team Play a try?

A match play league played with a partner of your choosing. Net score are used. The Crown & anchor has been a long time sponsor of this league.

As the name implies, this league features one-on-one match play. Holes won are added from match to match with the golfer with the most holes won over the season winning first prize (second and third prizes are also awarded). This league features divisions, with each division to be competed within a month. This makes it possible for everyone in the league to play against each other.

Ladies from our club and the Dunes compete 3 times over the summer in a variety of formats. The club with the most points wins and displays the trophy (donated by Carol Hansen) at their club until the following year.

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Golf Shop Organized Activities

This is golf strictly for fun. Showing up is what’s important, and of course, golfing and socializing with friends. Ladiesorganize their own teams of 4 with one or two subs as part of the team. This year, a competeitive challenge was again available for those interested. There was another great turnout for this league again this year with both members and non-members returning – we are delighted!

Ladies Morning Golf

Every Tuesday Throughout the Season
The Ladies Club invites all lady golfers to join them on Tuesday mornings for Ladies Morning Golf. The course sets aside 1/2 hour of tee times for ladies to golf, usually around 9 a.m. Itʼs a great way for beginners or advanced players to meet other golfers, make new friends and enjoy the game. You can opt to play 9 or 18 holes.

All you have to do is show up in the Legends Lounge around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday mornings and join Erin Larson and Liz Gogal who will be making up the teams and distributing score cards. Enjoy a cup of coffee or breakfast and find out who you will be playing with and the game of the Day.

Every Tuesday morning also offers golfers an opportunity to win one or more of the golf challenges. There is a Birdie-Bogey Challenge and a Game of the Day Challenge. Entry is $2.00 per game, with sign up in the Golf Shop. In addition ladies can take part in the Hole Challenges, sponsored by various businesses in our community. The Hole Challenges are available to our ladies all day.

Special Green Fees for nonmembers will be available only during this time, and weekly lunch specials are available after the round!

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